2015/08/29 - Released Demon's Souls Save Editor v0.500, now with inventory management.
2015/09/28 - Released Demon's Souls BND Rebuilder v0.700
2015/09/28 - Released Demon's Souls Param Editor v0.700
2016/02/17 - Released "Dark Souls Connectivity Mod"
2016/02/19 - Released King's Bounty - the Legend Trainer, change Gold/Leadership & character position.
2016/10/13 - Released FMG Editor to modify Dark Souls in-game text.
2016/11/12 - Updated DSCM, fixed issue with MaxNodes persisting between sessions.
2016/11/23 - Released EventHook, for monitoring Event Flags in Dark Souls.
2017/01/11 - Released Mod Manager and Perma-Vagrant/Gravelord mod. Currently limited to MSB mods.
2017/01/14 - Updated Mod Manager. Corrected issue with failing to display mods.
2017/01/14 - Updated FMGEdit. Import/Export to CSV file.
2017/06/28 - Updated BNDRebuilder and ParamEdit, fixed possible corruptions from both.
2017/07/23 - Added Dark Souls Boss Rush Mod
2017/08/03 - Updated MSB Editor. Many improvements and fixes.
2017/09/23 - Updated BND Rebuilder. Properly handles Shift-JIS text in filenames.
2017/09/23 - Updated ParamEdit. Import/Export to CSV file, drag n drop re-ordering, and add/delete entries.

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It's not expected or required, but feel free to do so here.

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